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Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms:

Payment Methods accepted are all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Sepa Direct Debit. Paypal can only be accepted for subscriptions or one off payments. Regular customers must have a payment method of either Debit/Credit Card or Direct Debit saved to their account such that when called upon can be used to settle their invoice and any amounts outstanding.

Payments will be processed automatically no sooner than 14 days after issue of invoice with the payment method on file.

Services are provided on a best effort basis given the urgency of whats requested and workload on at the time. Situations that are revenue affecting, site or system down get precidence over upgrades and new builds. We are not responsible for downtime of third party services such as hosting, email, broadband etc which we purchase of other parties however best efforts will be made to assist if problems arise.

All time/labour relating to work between Fiontair and the client is chargable plus expenses incurred on 3rd party services and parts.